Trying on jeans for the Pear Shaped Figure at Just Jeans

This morning I spent a frantic 40min at Just Jeans, getting my hubby to take photos while I tried on many pairs of jeans, and it was all for you, my wonderful readers. I finally found time when my husband could come with me and my mother-in-law could watch the kids (they’ve started school holidays, yay!) but totally forgot that I had my pilates class at 10am (I would have had to pay if I missed it as it was too short notice to cancel, and that’s just like throwing money away). Anyway, instead of hitting all the different stores, I only got to one. I still intend to go back and try more on. Did I find my dream jean? No, I didn’t. There are a couple of styles that will be on my top contenders list but there was definitely no “magic moment” with any of these jeans. Please remember when looking at these jeans that a) photos are a 2D image, so generally you will look better in 3D real life,  b) the angle I got my husband to take the photos from is not flattering, but is was the best angle to show the detailing of the jeans from. In real life, people will not be looking up at you from such a low angle, unless you are really, really tall and they are really, really short and c) you must try jeans on for yourself. Even in the same brand I was different sizes for different styles (even different washes can make a difference to size). Also, I consider myself quite long waisted, which means I need the front rise of my jeans quite long to be comfortable – not all pear shapes are long waisted.

Let’s first flash back and recall the jeans I have been wearing… read here my first post on jeans


Here are the jeans I tried on. First up, the Riders by Lee Bumster Straight in Frankie Blue size R11. I’m starting with the pair I think looked the best but were unfortunately not comfortable. The waistband was too low for me and sat right on my hip bones, so it felt like I was squeezing them together (that might be a good thing if you have SPD after pregnancy, they felt like I was wearing a pelvic belt) and it gave me a slight muffin top. They would also not have passed the “sit test”. Let’s just say you would mistake me for a plumber if you saw me sitting in these jeans. Lengthwise, these were great for me (I’m 166cm/ 5.45ft – I’m slightly devastated by this because for the last 20 years I’ve thought I was 169cm/5.54ft – have I started shinking????!!!). I would go back and try these again, just because I really did think they looked the best. I would try a size up and see if they were more comfortable. These jeans did have stretch to them, but felt more like a traditional denim than other stretch jeans I tried on.

Next the Riders by Lee Bumster Skinny in Sorrento Blue size R10. I thought the lack of pocket detailing and the no-contrast stitching would make these a winner. Instead, I feel the lack of those details made these look worse. These were also very long on me and would need to be taken up or tucked under. I don’t like having all that excess fabric bunched up at the ankle. In their favour, they were very stretchy and much more comfortable in the waist than the pair above.


Next were the Levi’s 312 Shaping Slim in size 28. These were in a mid blue but I think they would look better in a darker blue. The length on these was good for me. They had a nice amount of stretch while still maintaining the feel of denim jeans, rather than leggings. I think the pocket stitching and shaping of the back yoke (the seam  that dips like an upside down triangle above the pockets, from side seams to centre seam) is not quite as flattering as the first Bumsters. If you wore your tops longer, that would not be a problem. I did feel the slightly higher rise made the waist band more comfortable for me and didn’t give me a muffin top. I would go back and try these on in the darker wash.

These are the Levi’s 314 Shaping Straight in Honey Hush size 28 or 29. I really liked the colour of these jeans when picking them off the shelf, but unfortunately they are just not flattering. I think that may be due to the pockets being quite wide set at the back. They were quite comfortable though.

The Levi’s 311 Shaping Skinny in Black Sheep size 28. Comfortable with lots of stretch but too long and again, the pocket placement did not seem flattering on me. Black is not in my colour palatte, but as you get further away from the face, your colours become less important and I think a nice pair of black jeans is great for dressing up.

The Levi’s 315 Shaping Bootcut in Splash Blue size 28 were a nice surprise. The boot cut was subtle and not too flared, like some can be. They were a bit too long and I think the bunching of fabric at the bottom ruined the leg lengthening effect that bootleg jeans are meant to have. They had quite a lot of stretch and were comfortable in the waistband.

these were the Mavi Alissa High Rise Super Skinny in size 30 (not sure of wash). These jeans were super soft, but the material was very thin and had no “holding” power. They were way too long on me and I didn’t think they were flattering from the back or front. I think the fading on the front of thigh makes your thigh look bigger.  I’ll leave these jeans to the taller ladies.

These were the Just Jeans Classic Slim Fit High Rise size 10 in Mid Indigo. I’ve linked to the Petite jeans as I couldn’t find these on the website. I don’t think I was trying on the petite in this picture – if I was they are a very generous petite as they were too long. I found these uncomfortable in the waist – I would try a size up if I went back. These seemed more of a mid rise rather than a true high rise jean.

These are the same jeans as above,  in a lighter wash and in the petite length. This length is much better for me, however they were not comfortable in the waist, too low for me. I also do not find the lighter colour flattering.

These are the Just Jeans Skinny High Rise Slim and Flatten in True Blue size 10. I think flattening the bottom is a mistake for the pear shape, it just makes it even wider. Again, too long and not flattering at all from the back. The higher waistband was reasonably comfortable, but again, more of a mid rise for me.

These are the Just Jeans Skinny Mid Rise Lift and Shape in True Blue size 10. Again, the waistband was too low for me and I didn’t find the stitching on the back flattering for my shape.

I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t find those magical jeans for all you pear shaped figures out there, but the hunt is not over! Nest time I’ll check my calendar a bit more carefully so I can have more time at the shops with my hubby taking photos of my butt 😉 Fun times!!! xx Christy

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