Trying on Jeans for the Pear Shaped Figure at Big W, Myer and Jeans West

Welcome to Part 2 of trying on jeans for the pear shaped figure! Go here to read Part 1.  This will be the last post on trying on jeans, for two reasons. One, I am totally over trying on jeans and having to look at my own butt and two, I have found some jeans I really like! I’m going to save them for the end of this post, just to build the suspense 😉

Let’s start at Big W. I took these photos myself, and couldn’t get the same angle I did for the last post, so it’s not a great way to compare, but let’s just roll with it. These are the pair of jeans that fit me best. They were the Lee Cooper Distressed Slim Bootcut size 14. Online I think they are called a Fit and Flare jean, which is a more accurate description as they are quite flared. I maybe could have squeezed into a 12, but the 14 were very comfortable. I would call these a medium rise. They were extremely long, I had them folded under about 10cm in this photo. The fabric was reasonably thick but didn’t have the “hold” factor I was looking for. I was constantly tugging them up at the back – I think they would fit much better on a straighter figure as they were too big in the waist for me but I don’t think I could have gone much smaller through the hips and thighs.


These are the Lee Cooper Girlfriend Rolled Hem size 12. I can only find the darker wash online. Again, very long and I forgot to roll them up to make them into the rolled hem jeans they were. I really, really want a pair of lighter jeans, but they are not flattering across the butt and thighs. I would only wear lighter jeans with a longer top, like this one from Jeans West. These jeans were quite thin so would be good for summer.

These were Emerson Skinny Jean Lift and Shape size 12. These were a good length for me and they looked ok. The fabric was quite thin and I felt it would very quickly stretch and sag in the bottom. Again, I was constatly tugging at the waistband to get them into position. There was no “lift and shape” that I could see, but the pockets were reasonably flattering.

Next up are the jeans I tried on at Myer. I didn’t bother trying on Levi’s there, as I had already done that at Just Jeans. Before I get to the jeans, I want to show you the dress I mentioned in my previous post on dresses. I did try this on in a size 12 a few days ago and it was huge – it is a very generously sized dress. This time I tried a size 8. I really, really wanted to love this dress and I do but it’s not right for me. It looks better in this photo than it did in real life (why doesn’t that happen with jeans???!!!!) It was just too much fabric for my frame and the hem hit at the wrong spot – I prefer my hems just below the knee and this hit at the widest part of my calf and looked dowdy. Because of the frayed hem detailing, it would not be simple to take the hem up. Also, there was just too much fabric up top (need a bigger bust or longer torso to fill it out) and my shoulders are not wide enough for the neckline (it looks ok in this photo but I promise in real life it didn’t look right). This dress is almost sold out, so there wasn’t a size 6 I could try on (as I said, very generous sizing as I have never been close to a size 6 in my life).  Such a shame as I really loved the dress. I may try and make myself something similar these holidays. Somebody else taller and with broader shoulders please buy this dress so I can admire it on you 🙂

These are the Jag Bianca Slim Fit size 30/12. I could only find the link to a lighter wash online. They were very comfortable and they looked better than they do in this photo – I have had to lighten the photos a lot as they were too dark to see any details. The photo of the front of the jeans look like they made a weird bulge across my belly but they didn’t, it’s just a bad shadow. Again, these are very long (how did I not realise I was short for all these years?) I don’t feel the pockets were particularly flattering and again they just didn’t have the “hold” factor I was looking for – maybe I needed to try a size down.

These were the Guess Power Skinny Resolute Wash size 32. I could have gone down a size. I loved the wash of these jeans, it was my favourite (a dirty denim) and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were, especially in the waistband, considering they are a low rise. I did feel I would be tugging at the back a lot (let’s call this the “tug” factor). Again, too long for me and quite a thin denim without any holding power, and I felt that they would soon become baggy.  Let me know in comments if you have them and that isn’t the case.

These are the Guess Power Curvy Mid Rise Reller Wash size 31. Again, very comfortable and soft and the higher rise did help with the “tug” factor but still too long and without any “hold”. Overall, I would say the Guess and Jag jeans are better suited to a person with longer legs and a slightly straighter figure, which to be honest, is the case for most of the jeans I have tried on.

Next to Jeans West. As I said, I really, really would like a pair of lighter jeans. I loved this pair, it was my favourite of all the ones I tried on (I haven’t shown many of them because they looked so bad). Unfortunately, this was the last pair left in this size, and they are no longer online. The closest are the Jemima Crop Slim Boyfriend. The size 12 in these were a bit big in the waist, and I did try a size 10 on in a similar style, which I could fit. However, since this is meant to be a more relaxed style jean, I think I would go for a size 12 and have them sitting a bit lower on the hip. Also, I would definitely be wearing a top that was longer in the back as they were not flattering across the butt. The cropped length and folded hem mean these jeans do not have a leg lengthening effect.

These are the Butt Lifter Super Skinny Brushed Indigo size 9. These were a very comfortable jean but the rise was a bit too low for me. These jeans do have “holding power”, they feel like they are helping suck everything in but in a very comforting way. There wasn’t any actual butt lifting, the smaller pockets are meant to give the illusion of a higher bottom. Another thing I love about these jeans is that they come in sizes ranging from 6 up to 20, and in Short, Regular and Long Lengths. I’m in the regular length here.

These are the Curve Embracer Super Skinny size 8. They are a mid rise jean. I cannot find these online, the closest I can get is the slim leg version. I wish the photo did them better justice. Did they make me look like a supermodel? No, but they, along with the pair above and below, were so much more flattering than anything else I tried on, and in real life are very slimming without flattening the bottom, which helps avoid the widening effect. These are in the short length which was great on me. They look a bit too short in the photo, but again in real life it was fine. This is one of the pairs of  jeans I ended up buying (I think this pair I have on here is the lighter wash and I bought the Indigo wash, the darkest blue). If I wasn’t planning to lose a bit more weight, I may have got a size 9, but since I am still slowly, slowly going down in weight, I got the 8. These jeans cling and mould to your body so comfortably, but they are thick enough that they don’t look like leggings. The low contrast medium blue stitching was also a favourite feature of mine, and there were no bulky seams. As above, they are available in size 6 to 20 and in Short, Regular and Long.

These next jeans are the other pair of jeans I bought. I had to lighten this photo as well, so the shadowing makes them look a bit funny, especially in the front. These are the Tummy Trimmer Slim Straight Indigo wash size 9. These come in size 7 to 20, and again, in Short, Regular and Long. In this style, I couldn’t get in to a size 8. I love, love, love these jeans. Again, so much better in real life than in this photo. These are a high waist, which takes a bit of getting used to, but they fit so well in the waist and were the most comfortable for me. They feel like a giant hug in the nicest way. The denim is stretchy but firm and just the right thickness.. That may not make sense until you try them on yourself. These have a brown stitching on the pockets and seams. If I could combine the waistband on these with the low contrast stitching of the Curve Embracer Jeans above, I would be super excited. These do come in a skinny jean but the sizes they had in store did not fit me (size 8 too small and size 12 too big) and I wasn’t willing to buy a pair online without trying them on first. The sales lady said the skinny version was brand new, so more sizes should be coming in soon. I may go back and try them on in black when they do arrive. I could have waited but I’ve lived without well fitting jeans for too long now, and with 40% off the day I was there, I couldn’t resist buying the two pair I did. I’ve worn the Tummy Trimmers for a full day and they were fantastic – they didn’t loose shape or “hold” factor over time and were so comfortable. I’m hoping the Curve Embracers do just as well.

And that’s it! If I ever do find jeans that are better than the ones I ended up buying, I will let you know. I know there were probably a lot more brands I could have tried on, but from what I have discovered during this journey, unless they have been specifically designed for a curvy figure, they probably won’t fit me well (plus I was just so over trying jeans on). Til next time, xx Christy




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