My latest DIY project (with a bit of help from my hubby)

Luckily I held on to our cot!

It’s been very quiet around here lately, and that’s because I’ve been working on a top secret project. Baby number 4 is on it’s way! We had our 12 week scan yesterday, which showed everything is going just as it should, so when our three girls got home from school, I had set up an afternoon tea with some pink food and three wrapped parcels. Each parcel had an item of baby clothing and a photo, one of the pregnancy stick, one of the ultrasound and one of me showing my belly. It didn’t take them long to put the clues together and it was just so lovely to see how excited they were. Lots of screaming and jumping up and down and giggles. My husband and I had known since mid January, but apart from our doctor and pilates instructor, we hadn’t told anyone else. We wanted the girls to be the first to know, and knew it would be too hard for them to keep it a secret, so waited til the 12 week scan to tell them. The baby is due late September and is a baby girl! We know this because I had a NIPT (non invasive prenatal test) blood test at 9.5 weeks. These weren’t around for any of my other pregnancies, but my doctor asked me to have one, due to my age, as it can determine if you are at high or low risk of any common genetic problems (I told the doctor it wouldn’t make any difference to us anyway, but she did point out if there was an issue, it would give us a chance to be prepared and be under more specialist care). It involved a simple blood test taken from my arm, as apparently I have the baby’s DNA circulating in my blood stream (how amazing!), and then two weeks later the results were sent to the doctor and we found out we are in the low risk category and that we are having a girl! We did ask the lady doing the ultrasound to confirm as best she could, and she said she couldn’t see any boy bits, so I am 99% confident it is a girl (always room for error, though 🙂 ) We honestly didn’t mind if this was a boy or girl, we are just very happy to be having a baby! And yes, this was on purpose, not a “happy surprise”.

I have been battling with quite a lot of nausea and in the last couple of weeks, dizziness, so it is so wonderful to have my husband working from home. He has been able to do school runs and cook dinner when I haven’t felt well enough. Hopefully the nausea will follow the pattern of my other pregnancies and start settling down in the next few weeks.

So now I will have another thing to blog about! When I started this blog, another baby was not on my mind, or my husband’s, but we had never been prepared to “shut up shop” for good, as neither of us truly felt like we were done. I did a lot of reading over Christmas/New Year’s (yes, books can be dangerous 😉 and realised how I had let fear hold me back from having another baby and decided I was over letting my decisions be based in fear instead of trust in God and His good plans. Fortunately my husband was keen, he had always wanted another baby but hadn’t pressured me because it is my body that has to go through all the hard stuff.

I hope to be back to more regular posting soon, I have lots to say about my Colour Course which I still haven’t mentioned in this post, and of course all the lovely clothes I have bought myself aren’t going to fit much longer (the skinny jeans stopped fitting a while ago) so I’m going to have to work on another wardrobe!

Til then, xx Christy



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