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Finally, I am getting around to writing about the course I did back in late February, which was the first part of my Colour and Image Stylist training through Celebrate Beauty. I am doing part two in late May, which I am really excited about, as this time I won’t be feeling nauseous and everyone knows I’m pregnant, so no trying to keep the secret! My nausea has finally stopped (except for getting car sick very easily) which is so nice. It ended up lasting til about week 16, although it did slowly taper off those last couple of weeks. I’m up to week 18 now, and have my next scan soon. I’ve finally felt a lot of regular movement from the baby in the last week, which is very reassuring, so I am looking forward to seeing her flipping around and doing somersaults during the scan.

Back to the course I did. It was three days of training, with lots of hands on practice on matching skin, hair and eye tones, thanks to my 5 “guineapigs” who came for an hour each so I could go through the colour analysis process with each of them, with guidance from my trainer, Rachel.

This is the kit I use when matching hair, skin and eye tones, full of fan decks with hundreds of colour samples. Once I have selected a client’s tones, I do some “confirmation draping” with coloured fabric drapes, and then the results are sent off to head office to be analysed and the client’s individual colour palette is created.

This was invaluable, as learning about the process on paper (which we also did a lot of) is very different to applying it to a real person, and there was a lot of “on the job” tips that I picked up along the way. That took up most of one day and the other two days we spent going over notes, listening to a couple of different speakers, asking lots of questions and clarifying information from the extensive study notes we were given to go through before the course, on the physics, biology and psychology of colour. There was so much information to take in, and I walked away exhausted at the end of each day (I’m sure being pregnant also contributed to that 😉 )

Since the course, I have been working through a further 10 people, who got their Personal Colour Analysis at a discounted rate, as I was still refining my presentation skills, etc. on them. I have a couple of more makeup practices to do, which I hope to finish in the next week and then I will be fully qualified to offer the Personal Colour Analysis service that Celebrate Beauty offers (just in time for Mother’s Day, hint, hint). After part two of the course, I will be able to offer a Figure Analysis and Wardrobe Consultation, as well as Personal Shopping tours. What fun! I do really enjoy what I get to do. I love working with colour, and I get such a thrill when I receive each person’s palette back (usually 2 weeks after the initial consultation) and get to see what lovely colours have made their “top 40”.

Some examples of different colour palettes, showing the client’s best versions of reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows and neutrals, as well as their “Signature Colours”.


I also really enjoy the education part of the second consultation, when I go through the results with the person, and explain how they can get the best out of their palette. If you look at my Pinterest page, you would see I have been pinning lots of outfits, and creating more outfits on Polyvore (they go to my Pinterest account), so I have lots of visual support when explaining different concepts to clients.

one of the outfits I created on Polyvore and posted to Pinterest to help when I am explaining colour combinations to clients

I have also created a Facebook closed group, where I post any specials that Celebrate Beauty has, so if you would like to be part of that group and I haven’t invited you yet, send me a message through my Christy’s Pear Shaped Adventure Facebook page.

For me, personally, I still find my colour palette so useful. I know my colours pretty much off by heart now, so I can walk into a store and immediately pick out what colours will work for me and with the rest of my wardrobe. I’m not overwhelmed when I go shopping anymore, instead I can focus and hone in very quickly on what I want. I actually enjoy shopping for clothes now, which I hadn’t done for a long time. I wear everything I have in my wardrobe, and feel good in it (disclaimer: I can’t fit a few of my pants and tops at the moment, so they aren’t getting worn, but they will one day, post pregnancy).  I know where to place colours for the most flattering effect. I’m more confident in combining colours in a way that works for me. I feel like I get a lot more value for the money I do spend, because I know that what I buy will be worn multiple times, not put on and then put straight back on the hanger because it doesn’t look quite right.

If you are interested in your own Personal Colour Analysis, contact me via private message through my Facebook page. As I mentioned earlier, this is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. It would also be fantastic as a birthday present for yourself or a family member (do you have a teenager that is really interested in fashion and would love to learn about what colours flatter their unique colouring?), or just because you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to move forward in your wardrobe. This is not just for women, I can also do colour consultations for men. Just think of all the money you will save only buying clothes that you know you will get a lot of wear from 🙂 !


That’s all for today. Hopefully it will be less than a month before my next blog post. Thanks for reading about my new business, xx Christy







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  1. I got my colours done by Christy last month and it has been so helpful. I went through my wardrobe and it turns out that some items I just never felt good in weren’t colours that suit me. It’s made shopping for clothes a lot easier!

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