Kitten, colour and bicarb

Time has flown since the kids have been back at school. I’ve been busy catching up on errands since the girls have been back, and those hours between drop off at 9am and pickup at 3:15pm seem to go at twice the speed of normal hours. I was hoping to write this post on Friday, but after a pilates class, lining up at council to register our new kitten, then driving back to the animal shelter we got her from to have her weepy eye checked (a mild case of cat flu, so medicine for 10 days and no mixing with our other cats yet), getting pizzas ready and then our regular Friday “movie night” (at home), the day had gone. I still haven’t found a rhythm to my week yet, but now that I know what days I will be doing pilates/school readers, I can book in a regular grocery shopping day, big cleaning day (every day involves cleaning to some extent but I like to have one day to do a bigger clean) and blogging/Colour Consulting stuff day. I like to think I am quite spontaneous but in reality I  love to have a bit of order to my week and knowing what to expect from each day, with wiggle room to allow for those unexpected things that always seem to crop up (like needing to finish a really, really good book).

or I could just do this instead of cleaning


The biggest thing to happen in our house last week was getting a new kitten. My eldest two daughters each have their own cat, and my youngest has been asking for a long time for her own. After digging through boxes to find the paperwork from when we bought our house, we finally were able to confirm we are on a large enough block to have up to four cats, according to our local council laws. So on Wednesday, when my youngest had her day off Prep, she and I went to the AAPS shelter and found a lovely little female kitten that she called Cookie for the first 24hrs, but has now changed to Candy. If possible, I like to buy animals from a shelter as not only are you helping provide a good home for a needy animal, but all the hard work, like desexing, microchipping and first vaccines are already done for you.  As I mentioned earlier, it turned out she had cat flu. She had only recently been vaccinated, so the vaccine probably wasn’t fully covering her yet, and combined with the stress of moving to a new house, she got sick. Luckily, we had kept her separate from our other cats, to allow her time to adjust to her new surroundings, so they weren’t exposed. She seems to be better now, I just need to finish her course of medicine before we can introduce her to the other cats. She is very cute and playful, and the kids adore her. After getting two puppies last year, I can say that kittens are 100x easier to look after.

Candy the 3.5mth old kitten – she looks big here but is very small with cute big ears. The green in one ear is her desexing tattoo. Her eyes are still a touch weepy in this photo. She does look a bit unbalanced with one eye plain and one with black “eyeliner” around it, but such a gorgeous, friendly girl.

My capsule wardrobe has been slowly coming together. I have already realised that I am going to need more t-shirts than I first thought. Even though I wash a load of washing each day, it alternates between lights/darks/colours, and add in drying time and I’m finding myself having to pull out my old pilates tshirts to get through the week. I also really need some new casual pants, as I keep wearing my old tracksuit pants that are not very flattering. Below is the photo of clothing items I’ve bought since I started putting together a capsule wardrobe, with the exception of the patterned dress which I’ve had for a while now and am keeping.

start of capsule wardrobe

I do have another couple of summer dresses that I have kept for now, just to get me through til I can finish the new dresses I am sewing. I have managed to successfully take in the bodice I made that was too big, and now just need to do the same to the lining, and get the rest of the dress sewn up. I’m hoping I actually like this dress once it is done, after all the effort it is taking to make it. As you can see from the photo, I have my jeans (Jeans West), a fitted jean jacket (cheap pop up shop), three t-shirts (white, khaki from Myer and strawberry from Suzanne Grey)), one “fancy” top (this is in my favourite colour, raspberry, from Myer), a tank top (white and copper, op shop), a blue and white jumper (op shop), khaki and white casual shoes (Big W) and wedge sandals (some shoe shop at Fountain Gate). I also got two pair of cheap thongs (flip flops if you are from overseas – the sort you wear on your feet) at the IGA (local grocery store), but I haven’t bothered photographing those. After wearing the jeans for a while now, I can definitely say my favourites are the Curve Embracer Super Skinny. They have slightly less elastane in them so a bit firmer, and I feel they hold me in through the thighs the best, plus the dark stitching is the most flattering. The other pair are a very close second, though, and I do like the straight leg better with a heel. I fanned out some of the colours of my colour palatte so hopefully you can see how I’ve picked the colour of these clothes from there.

In my free time over the last week, I’ve been reading my study notes from the Colour Consulting Course I am doing. I have three on site intensive days coming up at the end of this month, which I am really looking forward to. I’ve already learned so much from reading about the Physics, Biology and Psychology of Colour, and I can’t wait to see how that all translates to doing a Colour Analysis for someone. I’ve already learned more about using my colour palette correctly in the small amount of study I’ve done, so I want to wait til I’ve finished the course before buying more clothes just so I am taking full advantage of what I’ve learned. Hopefully in the future I will able to share some “case studies” of clients with you, to show you more of how it all works. If you are interested in your own Colour Analysis, I will give the details of how to contact me, etc, once I am qualified.

we can only see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum (visible light). We don’t actually “see” with our eyes. The eyes send information about those visible light waves to our brain, which produces the image we “see”. I hope I got that right.

I did show on Facebook a while ago that I was reading through a lot of make up books, as I am able to offer a natural makeup range (Virteous) through my Colour Consulting. There was a lot of information, and a lot of it conflicting. I had planned a whole post on the best place to test foundation colours, comparing all the recommendations these books gave me. I spent ages putting all the different colours on myself in different places (forehead, cheek, jawline, chest, inner arm) but took the photos myself and unfortunately they were so bad I couldn’t use them, and just didn’t have the energy to redo it all (it took hours). The result was (and this is also the advice of a friend who is a make-up artist) to test on your jawline (although I did think chest and forehead were pretty good), and making sure it blends with the skin on your neck, to avoid a mask like look. If you need to warm up the colour for summer, add a touch of bronzer. Also, check the colour in natural daylight (not full sun, inside near a big window would be good)- it should disappear in to your skin, rather than sit on top of it. In the end, I decided I would rather work on getting my skin into great condition, so I don’t need to wear foundation (I actually never wear foundation regardless of the condition my skin is in, except for special occassions) – maybe just a touch here and there to even out skin tone, rather than a full face of makeup.

test foundation on the jaw line. I would pick the second from left as disappearing in to her skin and the best match – agree?


The most useful info I found in all those books, though, was this one small tip. Mix 1/2 a teaspoon bicarb soda with a teaspoon of moisturiser and use as an exfoliator. Apparently this is the trick that celebrities everywhere are using 😉 I tried this after our big hike when my skin felt horrible, all blocked up and bumpy after copious amounts of  sunscreen and high altitude and dehydration, and nothing else I had in my natural remedies arsenal was helping (raw honey, coconut oil) and it was fantastic! You can only do it a maximum of once a week, as it is a bit rough, so be very gentle when rubbing in to the skin. I removed it with a damp facewasher and then used a 1 to 4 mix of apple cider vinegar and water as a toner (ie/4 times more water than vinegar), then some more moisturiser and rosehip oil mixed together as a moisturiser. My skin has never felt smoother, softer and cleaner. Super cheap, effective and no nasties (especially no micro plastics) going down the drain. You can also make it in a larger quantity to use as a body exfoliator.

Let me know if you try it and like it.

Til next time, xx Christy





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