I did it! I turned 40!

not my cake, but still a very nice cake. Click on image to find details.


I am now 40 years old! I keep saying it, over and over, to anyone who will listen. Not because I’m overly joyed at being 40, but because I can’t really believe it’s true. I’m hoping the more I say it, the more it will sink in and stop feeling so weird. And also because I’m hoping people will say, “no way, you couldn’t be, you look way too young to be 40!” #letsbehonest

I had a lovely few days of celebrating. First up was dinner at an Indian restaurant (my favourite food) with the extended family (parents, sisters, brother, kids, in-laws, nephews and nieces), which was great fun and totally chaotic, just like it is every time we all get together. The next day was my actual birthday. My wonderful husband let me sleep in while he got the kids up, made lunches and did the school run. I spent the morning getting a massage and facial before going out to lunch with my husband and youngest daughter who didn’t have kinder that day, then a take-away dinner and movie with all my girls after school. #Idontcookonmybirthday

The next day I met up with some school mums for morning tea at a cafe, which was also lovely. I had considered having a big party but felt it was something I should do, rather than wanted to do, and since I’m 40 now and got all my $#*& stuff together, I did what I knew I would enjoy most and kept it low key.

Then that was that. Birthday over and I’m now living life as a 40 year old. I sort of expected life to pause for this momentous occasion just a little bit. Nothing overly dramatic, but maybe at least a small ripple in the space-time continuum to mark this passage into my next decade. Like when you’re watching TV at night and there’s the very slightest of tremors for just a second, and you jump on Google and ask, “was there just an earthquake in …..”. Just something little like that 😉

I’m actually quite excited about my 40’s. It really does feel like a new chapter is beginning. At my 30th birthday party, I was 6 weeks pregnant with my oldest daughter, and now I am only a couple of months away from sending my third daughter off to Prep. For the first time in a very long time, I’ll have days and days of time to myself. I don’t know exactly yet what I will do with that time. I really would like to become a Colour and Figure Consultant myself, so I will be looking in to doing that course some time next year. I might look for part time work.  I might finally get round to dusting the house. Who knows. For now, I’m planning to enjoy the school holidays and Christmas with my family (only a week of school to go for my girls), and then I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to me at 40!




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  1. Congratulations on your recent birthday….and welcome to the 40 club! (I joined it this year too). Have you needed to buy reading glasses yet? 😉

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