Capsule Wardrobe Step 5: Pants for the Pear Shape

Remember how excited I was at finding dresses for the pear shaped figure? How FUN it was? Finding pants is the opposite. The opposite of FUN. Let’s go with MISERABLE, because that’s how I’ll be feeling at the end of a day trying on pants. Perhaps  I am exaggerating just a bit, but that’s only because I have tried to buy pants in the not too distant past and been completely depressed by my lack of success. I resorted to sewing my own, which sort of worked, as in I wore them once and then never again.  While dresses are mostly easy and fun to sew, pants are not. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the weird bubble out of the front crotch seam. Part of the problem when you are a pear shape is that your waist, hip and thigh often measure as different sizes, so there is a lot of pattern adjustment to be done. Unless you are sewing easy elastic waisted pants, I highly recommend the sewing of pants be left to those with a lot of skill and patience.  Having said all that, I was slightly cheered when I went browsing online for inspiration. There is quite a few pairs of pants I found that I would like to try on. I doubt they will fit well straight off the rack, but as long as I can get them fitting well across the hips and thighs, I’ll be happy to get them altered in the waist.

All the following photos are from the Myer website. I didn’t individually link the photos this time, as that takes ages, so if you like a pair of pants, you will need to search for them on their website here. I’ll also show you some examples of pants that I think are not good for the pear shaped figure.

I love these silk pants. Unfortunately they are well above my budget, but it would be possible to sew something similar to this. There is no hugging of the thigh area or cupping under the buttocks, which would draw attention to that area. When you are trying on pants, remember to pinch an inch on the thigh side seam. If the pants are so tight you can’t do that, you may need to go up a size. The busy fabric on these pants also helps to disguise a heavy thigh. If the pockets don’t lay flat or add unnecessary bulk, you could sew them shut and cut them out, depending on how they are constructed. Also, don’t swing the other way and buy pants that are way too big, or you could end up drowning in excess material, and with a droopy crotch. #nobodywantsadroppycrotchunlessitshammertime



I would NOT recommend the pants above for a pear shaped figure. There may be some pear shaped women that could get away with these, but for the majority, these pants would emphasize your heaviest areas and not be flattering. Use the same motto as from my dress postskims not clings. These pants all cling and tuck under the buttocks, which is fine if you have a lovely rounded, perky bottom, but may not be the best look for you if you don’t. Again, this is only a guideline, not a rule, so if you want to wear your pants super tight, go ahead.


Wide pants like these look fantastic. Again, make sure the size is big enough that the fabric across the upper thigh is not straining and there is no cupping under the buttocks.



These pants are more casual. This is the way you want your pants to fit, with no straining or pulling of the material across the front or back. I really like the first three pairs and would try them on.

My figure analysis has given me lots of hints as well. Best fabrics are light to medium weight, soft or smooth and matte. Small plaids or prints, vertical or diagonal stripes, small spots and small florals or prints are all recommended if I want patterned pants. Cuffs shorten the leg, so I will avoid them.  Most importantly, no V.P.L. (visible panty line). It’s so important not to have your undies too tight and creating a double bum. Better to sneak some extra large knickers into your shopping trolley and cut the tags off when you get home then go too small and end up like this poor woman in the photo below. I will confess, I have been guilty of this many times. It’s a good reminder to check yourself from behind in the mirror once you are dressed. Again, a guideline, not a rule, but highly recommended.



If you want to see more images of pants for the pear shaped figure, you can click the link to my Pinterest page, where I am collecting images of clothes as inspiration for my capsule wardrobe. Until next time, xx Christy


Update: the Pinterest link isn’t currently working, so until I can fix it, search for Christy’s Pear Shaped Adventures on Pinterest.








2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Step 5: Pants for the Pear Shape

  1. When I find a pair of pants I like (because they are super comfortable, have pockets, don’t need ironing and are easy to wash) oh, and that look good on me, I buy 2 or 3 pairs. (I need to wash my clothes each time they are worn because my skin is chronically dry and flakes of skin rain down out of my clothes at the end of each day).

    1. Yes, I think if I find pants I’ll love I’ll do the same. I’ve just started taking 4 fish oil capsules a day to see if that helps with my dry skin – not as bad as yours, but still quite dry. I just have to remember to be consistent, expecting it will be a few months before I can tell if it makes a difference.

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