A quick hello before Christmas

My kids have been on holidays for a few weeks now. I thought having them at home would leave me plenty of time to blog, but it turns out constant interruptions from kids makes it harder to get my thoughts down in writing, not easier #whyamIsurprised.

I’m going to have to watch that video I posted on Facebook about too much technology time not being good for kids, because there has been way too much of that here lately, as I’ve tried to get some quiet time to get through the mountains of cleaning that needs to be done before Christmas. Yes, I should be getting the kids to help me, but honestly that makes it all take 10x as long and I haven’t had the patience or energy for that lately. My energy and mood has been a lot lower lately, and I am linking it to the fact that a LOT of carbs (especially the heavily refined, sugary kind) have snuck back in to my diet since my birthday, especially a lot of Christmas fruit mince pies. I’m not beating myself up about it, but it has been interesting to see how my body has responded to bringing the sugar back. I will definitely be going back to LCHF eating once Christmas is over.I’m realistic enough about my lack of will power to acknowledge that I will be eating sugar over Christmas, I’ll just try and keep it in some sort of moderation.

I had a few girlfriends over last week for dinner, to celebrate Christmas and that we have/are turning 40, and that gave me a huge push in getting a lot of big jobs done, such as sweeping spiderwebs off the windows/carport/house, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping down the decks, dusting everything, shoving lots of stuff in to the spare room.


We then spent a few days at Wilson’s Prom, which means the kids haven’t had too much of a chance to mess the house up, so a few hours today should get everything ship shape again, ready for Christmas! (except for the mountains of washing we brought back from camping, it may take me a while to get through all that – very windy at the Prom and black dirt blew into everything). The weather was generally windy and cool, but there was enough moments of sun and warmth for the kids to go swimming in the river, for lots of bike riding up and down the avenues, and we spotted a few wombats, so that makes it a successful holiday 🙂

As for my capsule wardrobe, I’ve been at a standstill, mostly because I really haven’t wanted to face the shops when they have been so busy. Hopefully in January I can wrangle some kid free time and go for a browse. I have got it in my head that I want to sew at least one dress in the week between Christmas and New Years – just need to find some time to pop out to the shops to buy a pattern and some fabric.

My most exciting news is that I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and become a Celebrate Beauty Colour Consultant myself. I’ll be doing the first part of the course in late February, so keep your eyes peeled for some opening specials after that.

I really hope to keep up with my blogging over the holidays, but if I don’t be reassured that once the kids all at school, I’ll be back with more regular blogs. Merry Christmas to you all, xx Christy





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